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By Ivan Chin
Hello everyone~ welcome to Ivan's imagination blog, since this is my first post in my blog, i would like to do some short introduction. well, my full name is Chin Wen Hau, normally people called me Ivan. 20 years old, from Seremban,currently study in Multimedia University Malacca Campus (MMU), taking bachelor of marketing management. Before i start my topic, let in have a short brief of my topic first

Try to recall back, when we were young, we always attracted by some kind of Animation or Super Hero show on TV, and we always nagging our parents to buy the latest game or toy such as electronic pets, Gundams. Do anyone know all this kind of stuff and toy that accompany us during our childhood, year to year, generation to generation, is own by one company?
well the answer is our 'old friend' BANDAI cooperation

BANDAI is a Japanese toy making company, it is the largest plastic model kits producer and as know as world's third largest toy manufacture.Besides of Toy, Bandai also produce anime, and drama program.

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